Office Chair Round Up

Office Chair Round Up


We desperately need a new desk chair ever since I ruined ours with an upholstery project gone wrong (lesson learned- some things are better left to the professionals).

Here are a few I'm partial to.  Practically speaking, I think I need to go with a with a white chair since that is what will work with the room best.  Which one is your favorite?


My Favorite Ikea Products

My Favorite Ikea Products

Ikea is one of those stores that always keeps pulling me back.  It houses some of my favorite decor items that I'm always buying more of.  After reading posts and reviews of Ikea products across the web, I thought to do a round up of my own favorites:

1. Ribba Frame- This comes in a ton of different sizes and is extremely versatile.  Especially great for gallery walls where you can group several of them together. 

2. Lack Table- I must admit, I wasn't too impressed with this the first time I saw it.  I quickly changed my mind after seeing the hacks you can make with this.  Also doesn't hurt that it now comes in glossy colors.

3. Expedit Shelf- I don't think this needs much explaining.  Great for organizing, using it as a bench or room divider.

4. Ritva Curtain- The first time I bought these it was to replace Pottery Barn curtains I originally bought for my sliding glass doors.  I thought I'd be sacrificing on quality in exchange for price but I was surprised how thick these curtains were.  Since then they've been my go to when I need simple white drapes.

5. Henriksdal Chair- Last but not least is this chair.  A version of the parsons chair, they hold up surprisingly well.  I've considered pricier chairs with the same look but you can't beat the price. 

What are your thoughts? Any Ikea favorites?

*This post is not sponsored by Ikea- just my own thoughts.


New Kitchen Chairs

After what seemed like months of going back and forth I finally decided on some chairs for our kitchen....

I love how it's a classic chair but has a modern twist.  And after a ton of obstacles of having them be delivered, they are finally here.

I feel like I should add some pillows to add some color but I really do like the vinyl fabric since it holds up well against spills and it's easy to wipe down.

One more thing I can cross off the list... what do you think?


Project DIY- playroom benches

I can't take credit for this idea since I first got the idea after seeing it on iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.  However, the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to recreate it for our playroom/office.

Here's a list of the materials I used:
  • 2 Ikea Expedit  Shelves
  • 2 inch foam, cut to size to fit on top of the shelves 
  • MDF, cut to size 
  • fabric
  • velcro-tape 
  • staple gun
I think the hardest part of this project was gathering the materials.  It was a pain to get the shelves from Ikea since they wouldn't fit in our car and when I first got the MDF and brought it home it ended up being too big so I had to bring it back to get it re-cut (which thankfully, was free).  The other pain was more financial since the foam was pricey but after searching high and low for other options I finally bit the bullet and bought it at Joann's.  After that though it was super simple.

I don't have photos of this but I first ironed out the fabric and then laid it down on a flat surface.  I put the foam directly on top of that and the mdf on top of the foam.  Next, I pulled the fabric so it was taught and using the staple gun, stapled it directly to the mdf.

Lastly, I had to attach the seat cushions to the shelves.  I chose to use long velcro-tape strips I found at Joann's. I was concerned at first it wouldn't hold up but I have to say it's quite sturdy.

That's pretty much it! For the storage, I went with cloth storage boxes.  Despite their material, I have to say they hold up pretty well and they also hold a ton of toys.

What do you think? Any toy storage ideas that work well for you?