Making Lamps Pretty...

Lamps are one of those things where the ones I love and are the most drawn to also end up being the most expensive.  I feel like every time I see one I love, the price tag seems to have one too many numbers than I care for.  So instead I've had to resort to alternate ways to shopping for lamps.  I've had some luck finding some nice ones via e-bay and by going to flea markets but more often than not I find my way into Target/Tarjay.  Their prices are pretty reasonable and you can mix and match the shades.

The past couple of trips I've made, I've found some bases and shades I liked decently enough but they needed some dressing up.  I've figured out that by adding some ribbon trim and tassels can do wonders (if not making it a total Betty, than at least a vast improvement- Clueless anyone?)

Here are a couple of lamps where I've added some extra ribbon and tassels.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out- especially the ribbon trim.  Never underestimate a spool of grosgrain ribbon and a hot glue gun.  I feel like the ribbon gives the lamp a more tailored, edited look.

Excuse the dark lighting- seems like the evening is the only time I have to take photos.  What are your thoughts- has anyone tried some DIY to make a lamp prettier?

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