Mission Organization...the Kitchen

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Look what arrived....

Our new living room rug arrived.  It's nice and thick- the color is supposed to be grey but it definitely has a hint of blue to it which I don't mind.  I'm excited to see it paired with our sectional which should be arriving soon.  Stay tuned!


Which to Choose?

Fabric samples I ordered arrived today and now I'm trying to decide which fabric to use to cover our living room chair.  I've been leaning towards a black and white print fabric but maybe I should try a pop of color like the yellow? Thoughts?


Living Room Design- Edited

One thing about myself is that sometimes I know exactly what I want and other times I can be incredibly indecisive.  Trying to plan out our living room has left me being the latter.  I'm trying to take my time and choose only things that I really like but sometimes figuring that out can be difficult.   When I decide I really like something, I usually give myself a couple of days to let it settle in and see if I still like it or not.

Which brings me to the living room rug- I'm not so sure if I'm still loving the zebra wool rug I wrote about earlier.  I thought about flokati rug but after reading about the upkeep, I think the size rug I would need would be too large.  I've always liked trellis rugs and found this one that I like.

I like the gray and white together and think it will play nicely with the sofa and ottoman.  Here's a mock up with it.

I have two identical owl vases which were given to me as gifts that I want to use. I also thought of reupholstering my slipper chair in a black and white ikat rather than a houndstooth print.  Thoughts?


How to Know if a Room is "Done"?

I don't know if anyone else struggles with this, but I feel like I am never done decorating a room.  I feel like it gets "close enough" and I stop and focus my attention else where on rooms that need it more.  Case in point, my foyer:

Having taken photographs of this room, I can now pinpoint exactly what I want to change about it.  Those baskets are irritating me and so is the lamp shade .  Also, perhaps another rug to cover up the tan tile? (Definitely not my choice of flooring). 

The things I do love about the room are the lantern chandelier and my owl-umbrella holder.  I'm not sure if it's actually supposed to be an umbrella holder since it's a little on the small side but I love it so much, I don't care.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Does anyone else ever feel like they always want to change something about each room?


Stripes & Houndstooth?

In designing our new living room and going off the board I posted yesterday, I've been trying to find a rug that will match with everything but still be practical, easy to clean and look stylish.  I considered several trellis rugs but I felt none looked right.  I then turned my attention to something different-

I found this rug from Rugs USA and I was drawn to the silvery-grey color of it.  After reading the reviews, several of them said that the stripes are more of a taupe color but with silver high-lights in it.  I did a quick mock up of what it would look like:

What are your thoughts? I don't know if it's too much with the houndstooth? I'm also not sure if my heart is set on houndstooth (I may go for a black and white plaid instead) but still...any thoughts, suggestions, etc are welcome :)

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ottoman, chandelier, rug


Designing the Living Room

Well we have our minds set that we are definitely going to buy a sectional couch for our living/family room.  Now the question is, which kind to get? I feel there are so many options that I get lost in them.  One that we're seriously considering is the Ian sectional from Room and Board.  I never would have thought that I would ever buy a sectional but I have to say I've come around after seeing that not all sectionals are hideous monsters. 

If we do go with that one, here's what I've come up with for the living room. We have a large ottoman coffee table that I want to reupholster in a black patent faux leather and a slipper chair that I want to do in a fun fabric- maybe a houndstooth or plaid? I also have a chandelier that is very similar to the Robert Abbey Bling Chandelier.  My thinking is I can add color with throw pillows, etc.  I also still need to decide on a rug.  Thoughts?

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