My New Kitchen Barstools

I'm been working on infusing some personality and color into our kitchen.  You could say it's the most recent room that I'm obsessed with.  I know I wanted a pop of color- just exactly what color was the harder part.  I must have considered every color on the spectrum (and given serious consideration to purple and blue) before deciding on yellow.

Something about a nice pop of yellow makes the kitchen feel so much brighter and compliments our maple cabinets, which still, aren't my favorite.  The next step was ordering a bunch of fabric samples and trying to decide which would be the best.  I finally decided on Swavelle/Mill Creek Rossmere Sunshine and Coral Splendor, Citrine. 

One was for the curtains and the other I wanted to use to make slipcovers for our Ikea bar stools.  I was put in touch with Irene from Interior Touches who did a great job in  making custom slipcovers.  Here's the end result:

What do you think? Step #2- making the curtains!


  1. Love the fabric! Great choice!

    Morgan @ PepperDesignBlog

  2. Others may think that your barstools are not suitable in a country-themed kitchen like this. Well, people are used to seeing typical barstools being used in the area. But I think it works because it gives a contrasting appeal to your kitchen. It’s probably one of the things that will be remarkable to your guests. Those pieces truly stand out!

    Herb Koguchi