Project DIY- Gold Silhouettes & Fabric Covered Mats

I don't know about you but one of the hardest parts for me in designing a room is thinking of suitable artwork.  I know what I like and what I don't like but for some reason I get to a point after decorating a room that I feel stumped.  And that usually always comes to choosing art.

One type of art I do like is the silhouette.  I especially love them grouped together as it's a nice twist to the traditional family portrait.  I especially love the ones in bright colors after I first saw in Jonathan Adler's store.  I figured it was a good project to try to DIY.

I decided that the best place to hang this would be in our playroom/office.  The room is painted a bright tiffany blue (which was a mistake by me- but more on that later).

First, I tackled the silhouettes.  I was able to hunt down photographs of each of us taken of our profiles.  I then copied and pasted it in Microsoft Word, cropped them and enlarged each to 7x9.  (I lack fancy photo editing software so Microsoft Word is my go-to).  Next step is to print them out and carefully cut out the silhouette.  After that, I painted over each paper-photo with gold acrylic paint I already had.  And your done- easy peasy.

Next I went to frame them using Ikea Ribba frames but I didn't like how the white backing blended with the matte and frame.  So I got the idea to add a pop of color by covering the mat with fabric.

I bought a half a yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby and went to town to cover the mattes.  I don't have photos of this process but it's pretty simple- I cut out a piece of fabric the same width and length of the matte and glued the edges down so it totally covered the matte.  Then I cut a hole in the center of the fabric and carefully cut diagonally up to each corner of the matte.  When you're done with this, you should be left with four triangles.  I then cut the tip off of each triangle and glued the remaining part to the inside part of the matte.

And here's the finished project- what do you think?

Overall I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, especially for an afternoon of work.  What do you all think? Have you ever tried diying silhouettes?

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