Project Organization- My Gift Wrap/Crafting Station

I don't know about you but gift wrap and crafting supplies seem to be one of those things that I can never find when I need it.  I always think I've put it in one closet or basket or another and I end up spending more time looking for it than I care for.

I thought of several ways of trying to keep everything organized but this system seems to be working for me.

The first thing I did was buy a pantry organizer.  You can probably pick these up from a lot of places but I got mine from Bed Bath & Beyond.  The next step was figuring out where to hang it.  I wanted to use a door in a room that is out of the way and not used a lot so for me it is the closet in the guest bedroom.

The nice thing with the hanging pantry organizer is that the shelves are adjustable.  So the ribbon has it's own shelf as well as various crafting tools.  

I used the bottom shelf to hold the actual gift wrap as well as gift bags, tape and labels.  To save space I used curtain clips with hooks to hang my tissue paper, envelope liners and stencils.

And that's it! Pretty simple.  What do you think?  

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