Mission Organization- Makeup

I wouldn't stay that I'm an organized person by nature but it is something I strive for.  I feel like it's something I'm always inspired to do but I get overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  I've learned it's usually better for me to start with one thing at a time and then move on to the next.

Bringing me to the nature of this post- makeup.  I used to keep all of my makeup in a cosmetics bag.  It was seriously annoying- I wouldn't say I use a ton of makeup but it took me forever to find things and it would end up stuffed to the rims and I could barely keep it closed.  

When we moved into this house and I saw our bathroom vanity had drawers, I knew exactly what I was going to use it for.  Perfect for keeping all of my makeup and hair brushes in one place and laid out so I could see everything.  The next step was finding drawer organizers that would fit.   I initially thought about going to the Container Store but as much as I love it there it ended up being too pricey.  Then one day I was roaming through Marshalls and I  came across a drawer organizer from OXO Good Grips.  Probably meant for kitchen drawers,  I bought it hoping it would fit.  Lucky for me, it did and even better it was inexpensive (less than $20) and came with separate dividers which I use to separate out my different makeup products. 

As you can see I made some dividers larger than others to keep my brushes, hairbands, etc.  Finally everything in one place where I can see it :)

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